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How to Shell Fava Beans


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Start With Fresh, Clean Pods
How to Shell Fava Beans

Fava Beans

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When you buy fava beans, look for smooth, firm, bright green pods with freshly cut ends and as little browning as possible. (See All About Fava Beans to learn more about buying, storing, and using favas.) Wondering how many fava beans to buy? Choose about 1 pound of fava beans for every scant 1 cup of shelled beans you want at the end.

Most recipes call for shelled fava beans, and that usually means double-shelled. Fava beans need to be removed from their pods, blanched, and then removed from their individual shells to release the fully tender, delicately flavored fava beans deep inside. This guide walks you through the steps so you can get through this task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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