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Smoke Chips for Grilling

Different Woods for Different Flavors


Smoke chips (wood chips to throw on the fire to add smoky flavor to your grilling) are an easy way to boost flavor when grilling. Here are some common wood ship types and the flavors you can expect from them.

Alder Smoke Chips

Alder smoke chips impart a light and mild smoky flavor, making them the perfect choice for fish.

Apple Wood Smoke Chips

Apple wood imbues foods with a sweet and fragrant smoky essence. Both chicken and pork benefit from apple wood smoke chips.

Cherry Wood Smoke Chips

Cherry wood smoke chips give foods a slightly sweet smoky taste and are great for both chicken and pork.

Mesquite Smoke Chips

Mesquite burns hot and intensely. The hard-core smoky flavor of mesquite is best to use with the deep flavors of beef and game.

Oak Smoke Chips

Oak gives foods a clean and woodsy smoky flavor. Oak smoke chips are suitable for any grilled item.

Peach Wood Smoke Chips

Pecan Wood Smoke Chips

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