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Artisan Foods

Find artisan products - from cheese to caramels, salami to fruit liqueurs - made in small batches by people who source ingredients locally and from sustainable sources.
  1. Artisan Cheese Makers (18)
  2. Artisan Cured Meats (4)
  3. Craft Distillers (2)
  4. Estate Olive Oils (8)
  5. Small-Batch Honey (4)

Top 10 Artisan Food Gifts
Make sure your food gift is eaten rather than tucked into a cupboard and forgotten. These artisan-made gift packages and food clubs deliver great taste and beautiful packaging, along with small-batch production.

Natural Sodas, Pop, and Mixers
Something fizzy and cooling can be just the thing, but most commercial sodas are made with artificial flavors and colors (yuck!). These sodas, pop, and mixers are made with natural ingredients, not to mention a more sophisticated palate in mind.

Happy Girl Kitchen Co.
Happy Girl Kitchen sells pickles and preserves made the old-fashioned way and using organic produce from California's Central Valley.

Happy Goat Caramels
Happy Goat Caramels are made in small batches in traditional copper pots with milk from free-range goats and real Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. They are crazy delicious.

Jeremy Faber of Foraged and Found Edibles in Seattle, Washington
Jeremy Faber of Foraged and Found Edibles in Seattle, Washington talks about picking mushrooms, greens, and berries in the rich land of the Pacific Northwest.

Massa Organics Brown Rice
This small family rice farm near Chico, California sees itself as part of a larger eco-system. Best of all, the rice is delicious. It's harvested later, and thus drier, than rice grown for milling into white rice, giving it a nutty flavor you'll instantly recognize as that rice taste that's been missing from your rice all these years.

Root Cellar Preserves
Root Cellar bills itself as "hand crafted gourmet pickles made from tradtional homemade recipes with a modern twist." Yum.

Monterey Abalone Company
Monterey Abalone Company grows red abalone under a pier in downtown Monterey.

Mother-in-Law's Kimchi
Mother-in-Law's Kimchi is made in small batches and is some of the best kimchi (spicy fermented Korean cabbage) you're going to find.

Otow Orchard
Otow Orchards grows all kinds of orchard fruits--peaches, plums, citrus, and, famously, persimmons. Not only do they grow several varieties of persimmons, but they also make traditional Japanese <i>hoshigaki</i>, or dried persimmons.

Rancho Gordo Heirloom Dried Beans
Find varieties of beans you never imagined existed! Rancho Gordo grows and dries dozens of varieties of heirloom beans (20 to 30 kinds are available at any given time), as well as chiles and pozole.

Rick's Picks! Pickles
Rick's Picks! makes an enticing array of flavored, spiced, and mind-blowing pickles. Wasabi green bean pickles anyone?

Unbound Pickling
Unbound Pickling makes small batches of pickles – including a smoky "bacon pickle" – in Portland, Oregon.

Valentine's Day Gifts
Give a gift that no one needs to store: Food and drink. Their consumption can be part of the celebration. Collected here are my tops picks for the three most popular, fabulous, romantic, aphrodisiac food gifts to make your Valentine swoon: champagne, chocolate, and oysters.

Ice Wine
Ice wine is a specialty of Ontario and Quebec.

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