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American Artisan Olive Oil Producers

American Estate Olive Oil Producers


These American olive oil producers are best described as "estate"—the olives are grown and pressed by a single producer. Many of these producers offer varietals, or oils from single types of olives, as well as blends and some specialty oils (like olive oil pressed with Meyer lemons—yum).


The Luceros have been pressing olive oil in California for three generations – on both sides of the family! That expertise shows in the great finish of their fine oils, not to mention their numerous awards.

Lucero Olive Oil grows all of its olives in Northern California and presses different varietals (including mission, manzanillo, and arbequina). Lucero also sells Olio Novello ("new oil") that has a slightly green hue and cloudy look typical of new olive oils – it is hand-picked and milled within hours of harvesting.

Check out Lucero's lemon-infused olive oil and fruit-flavored balsamic vinegars, too.


Katz has been growing olives and pressing olive oil since 1993. Their Chef's Pick organic extra virgin olive oil is used by the famed Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California. It's fruity and a bit assertive – and much less bitter than many olive oils. Katz also presses Rock Hill Ranch organic extra virgin olive oil, pressed from olives grown on 20 acres in Suisun Valley, California. Rock Hill Ranch is rich and grassy, with a nice bit of floral before a classic pungent hit.


The Clearys imported 850 trees from France in 2003 and started producing oil from their trees in the Carmel Valley (California) in 2006. Their rich oil has the smoothness of classic French olive oils with a sharp pungent end to remind you this is olive oil!

Olivina Ranch

Charles Crohare has owned Olivina since 1950 when it was a cattle ranch with a nice grove of olive trees from 1881. In 2001 he and his son, Carl, planted more trees and converted the operation to an olive orchard of 11,000 trees which produce seven kinds of olive oil, and more on the way. Charles and Carl were joined by Charles's grandson (Carl's nephew) Dan several years ago and they all participate in the daily operations of the ranch.


Pasolivo Olive Oil
Photo © Molly Watson
Pasolivo olive oil is estate grown following organic practices (certification is in the works) and pressed on the premises outside of Paso Robles, California. Their Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fabulously balanced Tuscan-style oil that is a bit grassy, a bit peppery, with a nicely tempered bitterness. Their California Blend is a bit greener, a bit sharper. And the citrus-flavored oils are perfect for salad dressings or drizzling on veggies or, crazy as it sounds, on sorbet!

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