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How the Locals Cook

Regional cooking is the heart of American cuisine. From lobster rolls to gumbo, crab cakes to cioppino, regional dishes capture the specific ingredients of a place, their seasons, and the tastes of the people who live there.
  1. California Cooking (7)
  2. Midwestern Cooking (5)
  3. New England Cooking (6)
  4. Pacific Northwest Cooking (4)
  5. Southern Cooking (15)
  6. West & Southwest Cooking (6)

Huli Huli Chicken
A Hawaiian specialty, huli huli chicken is to make at home on the grill.

Huli Huli Marinade
Huli huli is a marinade for and style of cooking meat that is served across the Hawaiian Islands.

Hana Hou Cafe, Naalehu, Hawaii
Hana Hou Cafe in Naalehu on the Big Island of Hawaii serves up plenty of aloha.

Montreal Bagels
See what makes Montreal bagels unique.

Montreal-Style Bagel Recipe
Make this regional favorite at home.

Montreal Smoked Meat
Montreal-style smoked meat is supremely tender.

What Is a Tarte au Sucre?
in Quebec tartes au sucre are everywhere and fabulous.

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