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Hana Hou Cafe, Naalehu, Hawaii


Hana Hou Cafe Naalehu, Hawaii

Hana Hou Cafe Naalehu, Hawaii

Photo © Molly Watson
As regular readers know, I don't write much about restaurants here at Local Foods. I couldn't possibly keep reviews updated in any reasonable way, so that's an area of local eating I tend to leave to others. For Hana Hou Cafe in Naalehu on the Big Island of Hawaii, I need to make an exception. Not to review it, so much as tell you about it because it is the epitome of what makes local eating such a delight. It isn't on the most beaten of tourist tracks. Naalehu is a small town, a far bit south of the hub-bub (such as it is) of Kona. It's on the way to and from South Point and Green Beach and Volcano National Park, and that's how I ended up stopping there.

The Pastry Case Says It All:

The sign proclaiming that Hana Hou is the southernmost restaurant in the U.S. made me a bit nervous; I tend to care more about the quality of the food it serves than the relative location of a restaurant. One look at the pastry case as I walked in, however, assuaged all fears: gorgeous homemade pies littered the shelves. My eye was immediately drawn to the macadamia nut cream pie made with not just with beautiful custard cream filling, pillowy whipped cream, and a generous sprinkle of crushed mac nuts (as they say in local parlance) on top, but complete with a mac nut crust on the bottom. Divine.

Local Ingredients, Local Style:

We ordered off the specials board, although plenty of the regulars around us were getting giant plate lunches that looked tasty, too. My ono chowder and housemade bread, along with a beyond-fresh tossed green salad with housemade papaya seed dressing was fresh, balanced, and hearty. The chicken salad with mac nuts in a papaya half was equally good.

Local Hangout to Boot:

I left plenty of room for the mac nut pie and a cup of coffee. The pie was everything it looked like it would be, from the picture-perfect filling to the rich crust, and the coffee was as rich yet balanced as the rest of our meal. When I complimented the server on the coffee she said I had just missed the man who grew and roasted it: he came in everyday for lunch and had left moments before.

Now that I've had that pie, I would drive out of my way for it. I dislike driving enough that I'm reluctant to cause anyone to do any extra, but if you find yourself south of Kona and needing food, Hana Hou Cafe has your back.

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