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Easy Winter Salads

11 Fresh Winter Salads


You need to keep a broad view of "salad" in mind to make truly winter salads – but combinations of seasonal fruits and vegetables (sometimes cooked, sometimes raw), cheeses, nuts, and legumes can make winter salads as exciting as any spring or summer creation.

1. Brussels Sprouts Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

Shave brussels sprouts, almonds, mint, and a bit of spice equals one of my all-time favorite salads. I look forward to the weather turning cold just so those brussels sprouts will be nice and sweet.

2. Celery Red Onion Salad With Ginger

Photo © Molly Watson

This pale but lovely celery salad is crisp, refreshing, and perfect alongside rich roasts or on buffet tables, where it stands up to the test of time.

3. Celery Root Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

This classic French winter salad is just shredded celery root and a mustardy dressing. Simple and delicious.

4. Endive Kumquat Salad

Photo © Molly Watson
Bright and tart kumquats add color and a tad of sweetness to crisp winter endive leaves.


5. Endive Walnut Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

Crisp endive leaves and crunchy walnuts are perfection together. Use walnut oil in the dressing for an extra walnut hit.

6. Lemony Lentil Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

Simple lentils, a bit of green onion or red onion, and a lemon dressing are delicious all by themselves – add a hit of feta cheese to add more body to the salad, if you like.

7. Parsley Lemon Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

This could be seen as the act of a person very desperate to eat some salad – parsley with lemon dressing? That's it? Yes, and it is beyond tasty. It's also a bit bracing and perfect with roast chicken.

8. Radicchio Salad

Photo © Molly Watson

The green olive dressing on this radicchio salad adds tangy flavor that marries well with the bitter bite of purple radicchio leaves. r something with even more kick, try this Radicchio Hazelnut Blue Cheese Salad.

9. Red Cabbage Slaw

Photo © Molly Watson

Cider vinegar and black pepper – along with thin slicing – turn biting red cabbage into a refreshing, zingy, fabulous salad.

10. Roasted Beet Salads

Roasted Beet and Walnut Salad
Photo © Molly Watson

There are scads of delicious things you can pair with roasted beets to make delicious salads – walnuts, hazelnuts, postachios, cheeses of all sorts.

11. Salad of Arugula & Broiled Lemons

Photo © Molly Watson

The juice from thinly sliced broiled lemons is used in the dressing and the lemons laid on top of the salad in this sweet-yet-tart one-two punch of a winter salad.

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