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Hawaiian Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Seasonality Guide to Hawaiian Fruits & Vegetables


Hawaiian fruit stand
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The Hawaiian growing season lasts all year long. Hawaiian-grown fruits and vegetables are listed below. You can also look up produce by seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) to follow mainland growing seasons and shipped produce availability. Or, find more about eating local in Hawaii with this Guide to Hawaii Local Foods.

Avocados, September through April

Bananas, peak June through October but harvested year-round

Cabbage, year-round

Carrots, year-round

Celery, peak April through August but harvested February through October

Corn, year-round

Cucumbers, year-round

Eggplant, year-round

Ginger, February through November

Green beans, year-round

Green onions/scallions, year-round

Hearts of palm, year-round

Herbs, year-round

Lettuce, year-round

Limes, June through March

Luau (Taro leaf), year-round

Lychees, peak May through September but harvested year-round

Mangoes, March through November

Melons (cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelons), May through September

Mushrooms , year-round

Ohi'a 'ai (Mountain Apples), June into October

Onions, year-round

Oranges, year-round

Papayas, year-round

Pineapples, year-round

Radishes, year-round

Radishes (daikon and other large varieties), year-round

Rambutans, October through March

Spinach, year-round

Squash, summer, June through March

Squash, winter, June through March

Strawberries, peak January through April but harvested October through July

Starfruit, September through April

Sweet Onions, June through December

Sweet peppers, year-round

Sweet potatoes, year-round

Tangerines, September through February

Taro, year-round

Tomatoes, year-round

Zucchini, year-round

Zucchini Blossoms, year-round

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