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Southern Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

What's in Season in the South?


Southern Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Sweet 100s Tomatoes

Photo © Molly Watson
Okra, year-round sweet potatoes and greens, and pecans are just some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables you'll find in the South and Southeast U.S. Exact crop availability and harvest times vary region-to-region and year-to-year, but this summary will help you know when to look for what at markets near you in the South.

Apples, mid-August through February (varies greatly by specific region)

Asparagus, mid-April through June

Beets, May and June

Blackberrries, July and August

Blueberries, end of May through August

Broccoli, April and May

Butter Beans, mid-July through August

Cabbage, May through December

Cantaloupes, July and August

Cauliflower, April through June

Collard greens, year-round

Corn, mid-June through mid-August

Cucumbers, June through October

Eggplant, mid-June through September

Figs, August and September

Grapefruit, winter and spring

Grapes, August through October

Green beans, June through September

Greens, year-round

Herbs, year-round

Kale, best in fall and winter

Lettuce, fall through spring

Mangos (Florida only), May and June

Okra, May through October

Oranges (Navel), winter and spring

Oranges (Valencia), spring and summer

Peaches, June through September

Peanuts, year-round

Peas, July and August

Pecans, November and December

Peppers, mid-June through October

Persimmons, October through December

Plums & pluots, mid-May through July

Pole Beans, May through September

Potatoes, mid-June through July

Pumpkins, September and October

Raspberries, July through September

Spinach, year-round

Strawberries, mid-April through mid-June

Squash (summer), mid-May through September

Squash (winter), mid-September through mid-December

Sweet Onions, spring and summer

Sweet potatoes, harvested July through October, available year-round

Tomatoes, July through October

Tomatillos, fall

Watermelons, June through August

Winter Squash, mid-September through mid-December

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