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Grilled Cabbage


Grilled Cabbage

Grilled Cabbage

Photo © Molly Watson
Yes, you can (and should!) grill cabbage. It turns a bit sweet, picks up crispy blackened edges, and gets a slightly softened but still crunchy texture. See how to grill more vegetables with this guide.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: Makes 8 servings


  • 1 head green, Savoy, or Napa cabbage
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt


  1. Heat a grill to high heat. Meanwhile, trim cabbage and cut into 8 wedges, being careful to keep a bit of the core in each cabbage wedge so it holds together somewhat.
  2. Skewer each cabbage wedge onto a grill-proof skewer. Brush cabbage wedges lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
  3. Place skewered cabbage wedges on a hot grill and cook until the edges or blackened and crispy and center of the cabbage wedges are warm, turning to color all sides, 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Serve hot, warm, or at room temperature. You can serve the grilled cabbage as wedges or remove it from the skewers and chop before serving.

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