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How to Make Homemade Potato Chips


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The Joy of Homemade Potato Chips

Potato Chips

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I cannot tell a lie: I grant you that ripping open a bag of store-bought potato chips in utterly and completely easier than slicing and drying and frying and draining your own. No doubt.

Yet easier, as we all know, is not always better. Homemade potato chips aren't just crazy delicious, they're fun to make. The slices of potato bob around, sizzling and dancing in the oil until the water slowly cooks out of them and they sizzle less and eventually start to turn a faint golden and then begin to brown. You can keep them a light golden or let them brown a bit, depending on your taste. Then, after lifting them from the oil and letting them drain and cool (a still-warm chip is, sadly, not yet crispy!). Once the fun is done, you can salt them to taste, and even add black pepper and other spices.

Read the following the steps to see how to make potato chips at home with a minimum of fuss.

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How to Make Potato Chips

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