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Chill-Chasing Fall Soups

10 Tasty Fall Soups


We eat a lot of soup at my house. A lot. It is one of my go-to dinners for much of the year – nothing combats the bone-chilling damp that can settle into San Francisco quite like a big bowl of steaming soup! These easy recipes harnass the rich flavors of fresh fall produce and they are all simple enough to whip up on a weeknight (although they are also delicious enough to serve to guests, of course!).

Note: Store-bought stock is fine to use, of course, but the flavor and satisfaction of making a batch of soup with Homemade Stock cannot be overstated. I love the extra body and deep flavor it adds to soups. When I'm out of the really good stuff, though, I look for stock made and sold at a butcher shop or specialty store (sometimes found in the freezer case) or for stock sold in cartons. Avoid canned stock, if you can, it tends to have a bit of a tinny taste.

1. Barley, Red Chile, Swiss Chard, and White Bean Soup

Image of Red Chile, Chard, Barley, and Bean Soup
Photo © Molly Watson

This Red Chile and Swiss Chard Soup packs a wallop - of flavor, nutrition, and flavor. I dare you - dare you! - to feel either chilled or hungry after downing a bowl of this lovely, hearty soup.

For a more classic take, try this Tuscan Chard, Bean, and Barley number topped with Parmesan and black pepper.



2. Butternut Squash Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

Every year I wonder if the world's obsession with butternut squash soup will lessen at all, and every year I am delighted to see it is as strong as ever. Simple, super nutritious, and always delicious, this basic Butternut Squash Soup recipe includes a whole range of modifications and flavor additions to help you customize the recipe and make your favorite soup.

3. Carrot Ginger Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

This Carrot Ginger Soup is easy, delicious, and filling - especially if you use the almonds, which thicken and enrich the soup, and play nicely off the bright zing of the fresh ginger

Looking for something a little less exciting? Try this Creamy Carrot Soup for a homier, more classic take.

4. Cauliflower Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

The starch in the cauliflower and onions, along with a bit of low-fat milk, makes a remarkably creamy, delicious, and healthful Cauliflower Soup in a snap.

5. Cider Onion Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

This Cider Onion Soup is a twist on traditional French Onion Soup. It uses hard apple cider instead of white wine, whole grain bread instead of baguette, and a bloomy-rind cheese instead of gruyere. It is sweet and luscious and warming and perfect for turning any chilly fall night into a cozy evening.

6. Cream of Green Chile Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

This ultra-creamy and spicy Green Chile Soup is wonderfully warming and luscious. A few roasted green chiles, a few onions, some broth and some cream and, quite frankly, you've got one of my favorite soups ever.

7. Creamy Turnip Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

This Turnip Soup could not be easier to make. Just saute a few aromatics, boil them in broth with the turnips, puree, and add cream. It's warming and comforting and full of flavor. If you or someone you know thinks you don't like turnips, this soup may just change your mind. The zingy bite of turnips (they are in the mustard family, after all, and closely related to radishes) is nicely softened by the cooking and the cream, but adds enough flavor so the soup is bright and balanced

8. Potato Leek Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

This modern, hot, and easy Potato Leek Soup is a take on the classic chilled French soup Vichyssoise. It makes great use of vegetables available locally most places throughout fall. They are also available plenty of places (or at least nationally) in the dead of winter. The recipe is faster and lighter than traditional potato leek soup - you won't miss the fat or the extra time!



9. Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

Lots of orange, lots of flavor, lots of vitamins. This Sweet Potato Carrot Soup is easy, delicious, nutritious, and able to cheer up the dreariest fall day – perfect if you live where chilling rains tend to define much of fall. An addition of a small amount of cream at the end will soften and enrich the soup, but is fully optional - the soup is just as smooth and tempting without it.

10. Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

Photo © Molly Watson

I have a weak spot for wild rice. (A Minnesotan childhood will do that to a person.) This Wild Rice Mushroom Soup is inspired by one I used to eat at The St. Paul Hotel when my grandmother took me to dinner. I've lightened up the amount of cream I'm sure they used, and upped the amount of mushroom I'm pretty sure. But the overall rich, hearty, bitter wind-curing properties are all there.

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