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Easy, Seasonal Thanksgiving Soups

10 Tasty Thanksgiving Soups


Starting Thanksgiving dinner with a bit of soup is a lovely tradition, whether it's as a first course to a formal feast or a simple ladle of soup into mugs to sip before everyone sits down at the table. In my experience, having a pot of soup going can keep everyone from getting crazy-hungry or gorging on chips before the turkey's done.

Looking for something besides soup to grace your holiday table? Check out these seasonal Thanksgiving Recipes.

1. Butternut Squash Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
Start with this basic butternut squash soup recipe and then use any of the variations and garnishes below - or add your own flair - to create your own version of perfect Butternut Squash Soup, a Thanksgiving favorite.

2. Carrot Ginger Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This Carrot Ginger Soup is easy, delicious, and filling - especially if you use the almonds, which thicken and enrich the soup.

3. Cauliflower Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This quick and warming cauliflower soup recipe uses the starch in onions and cauliflower to make a creamy soup from puréed vegetables and low-fat milk. It makes a gentle start to a heavy meal.

4. Cider Onion Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This Cider Onion Soup is a twist on traditional French Onion Soup. It uses hard apple cider instead of white wine, whole grain bread instead of baguette, and a bloomy-rind cheese instead of gruyere. It is sweet and luscious and warming and perfect for a cozy start to Thanksgiving.

5. Corn Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
By grating the corn off the cob, you avoid having to strain this soup to remove excess husky or fibrous kernels. The bit of onion adds sweetness; the potato adds body. Serve this soup hot or, better yet, chilled. If you're feeling fancy, garnish with minced roasted chile, chopped cilantro, or diced avocado or tomato.

6. Cream of Green Chile Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This ultra-creamy and spicy soup is wonderfully warming and luscious - and a nice twist to the traditional Thanksgiving menu.

7. Creamy Turnip Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This soup could not be easier to make. Just saute a few aromatics, boil them in broth with the turnips, puree, and add cream. It's warming and comforting and full of flavor. It's a perfect starter to a huge meal.

8. Potato Leek Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
This modern take on a classic French Potato Leek Soup makes great use of vegetables available locally (or at least nationally) in the dead of winter. The recipe is faster and lighter than traditional potato leek soup - you won't miss the fat or the extra time!

9. Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
Lots of orange, lots of flavor, lots of vitamins. This Sweet Potato Carrot Soup is easy, delicious, nutritious, and able to cheer up the dreariest winter day. An addition of a small amount of cream at the end will soften and enrich the soup, but is fully optional - the soup is just as smooth and tempting without it.

10. Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

Photo © Molly Watson
I have a weak spot for wild rice. (A Minnesotan childhood will do that to a person.) This soup is inspired by one I used to eat at The St. Paul Hotel when my grandmother took me to dinner. I've lightened up the amount of cream I'm sure they used, and upped the amount of mushroom I'm pretty sure. But the overall rich, hearty, bitter wind-curing properties are all there.
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