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Strawberry Varieties

From Albions to Ventanas

By Vanessa Higgins

The 600 strawberry varieties found today stem from five or six original wild species and are a member of the rose family. Sample different varieties at your local farmers market. You’ll be surprised how different they are in shape, color and taste. Typically, the larger the berry, the more water it contains; the smaller the berry, the greater the intensity of flavor. For the most local of treats, nothing beats the flavor of strawberries picked fresh from your garden.


Albions have darker fruit color, both internally and externally, and a consistently sweeter flavor than most strawberries.


Allstars are generally more pale - a bit less red-red - than other varieties. They grow big and firm, though, and have plenty of sweetness and juice. Great for slicing into salads!

Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry (fraises des bois) is the tiny and exquisitely sweet wild strawberry of France. They are sometimes labelled "mignonette." These little jewels aren't much larger than a small fingernail, but are gigantic on flavor.


Aromas have large, firm fruit has great flavor, with good color and a bright sheen.

Camino Real

Camino Real has firm, dark red fruit with a long shelf life and good flavor.


Diamante is a large, flavorful, firm fruit with a bright red sheen.


Earliglow are early producing, medium-sized strawberries with fantastic flavor. They are considered the best flavored of all the widely grown commercial varieties and are prolific even in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.


Everbearer are large and bright scarlet red, have firm flesh, plenty of juice, and a delightful sweet flavor.

Fragaria virginiana

Fragaria virginiana (American wild strawberry) are small, juicy, delicious red strawberries that are much richer in flavor than the commercial varieties found in stores today.

Garden Strawberry

Garden Strawberry is the most common U.S. variety. It is a large, hardy berry that has a recognized traditional strawberry flavor.

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