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Types of Beets

Red, Golden, Chioggia


Beets come in a range of colors and sizes - including candy-cane-striped chioggia beets. See different kinds of beets below and get recipe ideas and tips for cooking beets.

1. Red Beets

Photo © Molly Watson

Basic, sweet, earthy. Red beets are the beets most of us think of when our minds turn to "beets." Look for beets with their fresh, leafy greens still attached, if possible – you'll know those are fresh. The great thing about red beets, however, is that they are great storage vegetables. Getting a bit less tender as they are stored, perhaps, but also gaining sweetness along the way.

Red beets can be used in many ways, but are most frequently roasted (a great way to make them easy to peel, by the way).

2. Golden Beets

Golden Beets
Photo © Molly Watson

Golden beets are a bit less sweet than red beets, but also have a more mellow, less earthy flavor all around. If nothing else, golden beets add a bright, zesty yellow color when served roasted or in salads.

3. Chioggia Beets (Striped Beets)

Chioggia Beets (Striped Beets)
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Chioggia beets are naturally striped – some are a subtle yellow-and-orange combination while others come with a brilliant red-and-cream candy cane effect. Use them as you would other beets and know that the stunning striping often fades when cooked.

4. Baby Beets

Baby Beets
Photo © Molly Watson

Any beet can be sold as a "baby beet." They are simply the beets that are pulled to thin the field and make room for other beets to grow. Smart farmers sell these small specimens as a specialty item. They are very tender and tend to have beautiful, luscious greens – don't let those go to waste! I like to serve baby beets with their greens.

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