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Cutting Corn Kernels

An Easy Way to Remove Corn from the Cob


Cutting Corn Kernels

Cutting Corn Kernels

Photo © Molly Watson

Corn on the cob is a great summer eating treat. Yet even the most ardent corn-lover can wary of yet another cob to gnaw upon. Mix things up by taking the kernels off the cob. Turn your results into salads, soups, fritters, and cakes (see recipes below).

To cut kernels from the cob: Hold the stem end of the shucked ear of corn and rest the tip of the ear on the bottom of a very large bowl. Use a sharp paring knife to cut off corn kernels and let them fall into the bowl. Be careful to cut just the kernels and not include any of the tough, inedible cob. (Better, in fact, to leave some kernel behind than to include some cob!) Continue cutting around the ear to remove all kernels.

Cutting the kernels into a bowl makes much less mess of splattering corn "milk" and makes it easier to hold the ear at an angle that allows you to cut down around the ear safely.

See below for some fabulous ways to use corn kernels, including Corn Tomato Basil Salad, Sweet Corn Fritters, and Classic Corn Chowder.

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