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How to Pit a Peach


Cutting a Peach In Half

Cutting a Peach In Half

Photo © Molly Watson

Pitting peaches couldn't be easier, especially since most peaches sold for eating out of hand are freestone peaches, meaning that once the peach is cut, the pit doesn't cling to the flesh of the peach.

To pit a peach: First, cut the peach along the seam all the way around and through the fruit down to the pit. Second, twist each half of the peach in opposite directions. Third, pull the halves apart and remove the pit. Click through the photos on the right to see the whole process. Voila! A pitted peach.

What to do with this wonder? You can slice and peel it to eat, use in baked goods, whirl it into smoothies, or freeze them for use later in the year.

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