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Burst Tomatoes

Make the Most of Small Tomatoes


Burst Tomatoes

Burst Tomatoes

Photo © Molly Watson
There was a deal on tiny tomatoes at our neighborhood market. Both my husband and I took advantage of that sale without consulting one another. Next thing you know our kitchen counter was overrun with red and orange and yellow tomatoes of the teeny tiny variety. Some pear-shaped, some perfect orbs, most with stems attached. I decided to turn them into something. Something delicious.

First, I heated a large saute pan, although a simple frying pan would work just fine. Then I heated up a thick layer of extra-virgin olive oil in that pan over medium-high heat. Then I added enough small tomatoes to make a single layer with a bit of wiggle room for the tomatoes. Then I sprinkled them with sea salt and shook the pan frequently for about 5 minutes. Next thing I knew I had these fabulous burst tomatoes. The smallest tomatoes had fallen apart and melded with the olive oil; the larger tomatoes had held their own, with just a cut or two here and there on their skins where their juices had burst through and dripped into the olive oil, too.

I've since made them many times. And I've eaten the results on pasta, scooped up with bread, spooned over salad, topped on steak, and all on their own out of the pan. I can't recommend them highly enough.

By the way, if you can't get your hands on such incredibly small tomatoes, please know that plain old cherry tomatoes work just as well.

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