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Cherry Tomatoes

All About Cherry Tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes of different sorts are available – and tasty – for a longer stretch than larger tomatoes. Their flavor isn't as diluted by hothouse conditions as their larger kin.

What Is a Cherry Tomato?

Photo © Molly Watson

The title "cherry tomato" is generally conferred on any very small tomato - usually smaller than an inch across. Within the family of "cherry tomatoes" you'll find pear tomatoes (small and pear-shaped), grape tomatoes (oval-shaped and 1/2-inch across or smaller), and the super tiny currant tomatoes.

Look for Sweet 100s and Sungold at markets, as well as heirloom and hyrbid varieties like Honeybunch, Sweet Olives, and Tiny Tims at markets.

How to Buy & Store Cherry Tomatoes

Photo © Molly Watson

Like all tomatoes, cherry tomatoes dislike a chill. Keep tomatoes at room temperature for the best flavor and to avoid the mealy texture that can result from putting them in the refrigerator.

Choose cherry tomatoes with firm, bright skins and a fresh, tomato-y scent.

Tasty Ways to Use Cherry Tomatoes

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Small tomatoes are great to toss in salads or with pasta for a fresh, summer flavor. They are also lovely when halved and mixed with red peppers, green onion, and/or corn kernels for a relish or salsa to dollop of grilled steaks, chicken, or salmon.

My hands-down favorite way to use them, though, is for these Toothpick Caprese Salads. They're tasty and cute to pass at a party, or make perfect finger food for a picnic.

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