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Sun-Dried Tomatoes


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"Sun" Dried Tomatoes
Dried Tomatoes

Dried Tomatoes

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I make dried tomatoes when the piles of tomatoes at the market are still in full force, but I've already eaten plenty of plain ripe tomatoes and caprese salads.

These tomatoes may be dried in a low oven rather than under the sun, but the effect - deeply intensified ripe tomato flavor - is the same. Keep the results in the fridge or covered in olive oil for longer storage and add them to pastas, salads, or just grab them as a snack (that's the way I end up eating most of mine!).

Plan on 2 lbs. of fresh, ripe tomatoes for each large baking sheet you have. If you want to dry more than 2 lbs., use extra sheets or work in batches. They need a lot of room to dry properly!

If you prefer a traditional one-page recipe, see Oven Dried Tomatoes.

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