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Winter Squash & Pumpkins


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Blue Hokkaido Pumpkin
Winter Squash & Pumpkins

Blue Hokkaido Pumpkin

Photo © Molly Watson

Blue Hokkaido squash (a type of pumpkin) are one of my favorites. As if the gray-blue skin giving way to bright orange flesh weren't a selling point all on its own (and it is in my eyes), these squash have a wonderfully subtle sweet and deeply nutty flavor that stands on its own better than any winter squash.

Simply roasted with a bit of salt and butter, the Blue Hokkaido is delicious. It also makes a wonderful vessel for a dramatic stuffed squash and its flesh mashes up nicely into baked good or soups. Blue Hokkaidos are my favorite winter squash to use for Mushroom Cream Stuffed Squash.

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