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Winter Squash & Pumpkins


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Hubbard Squash
Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash

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Hubbard squash are the largest winter squash you'll find (besides field pumpkins, that is). They are slightly tear-shaped with dark green to pale grayish blue skins.

Because of their size, hubbards are often sold in pre-cut and seeded chunks of a size more appealing to home cooks. Hubbards are remarkably sweet with a clear pumpkin flavor. They sweeten as they're stored and their extra-thick skins help them store through the winter (up to five months if kept properly cool and dry). Hubbard squash are at their best when roasted. Try them seasoned with rosemary and black pepper or roasted and then mashed with plenty of butter and warm spices like cumin or nutmeg.

Hubbards are so big you may find you have leftovers, in which case you can easily make a delicious Winter Squash Spice Cake. Yum.

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