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What Is a Locavore?


CSA Box Sept 16

CSA Box Sept 16

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A locavore is someone who exclusively or primarily eats foods from their local or regional foodshed or a determined radius from their home (commonly either 100 or 250 miles, depending on location).

By eating locally, most locavores hope to create a greater connection between themselves and their food sources, resist industrialized and processed foods, and support their local economy.

The majority of locavores do not give themselves a strict radius from which to eat, but instead buy as much of their food as they can from farmers, growers, and sellers with whom they have a relationship or whose growing or producing practices appeal to them. Serious locavores tend to seek out food producers they want to support, rather than just buy foodstuffs that happen to come from their area.

Locavores tend to shop at farmers markets (a.k.a. green markets) or join CSAs to buy produce and other products directly from farmers.

Many locavores give themselves several exceptions to their local diet. Commonly excluded items include coffee, chocolate, salt, and/or spices—although locavores tend to try and find local coffee roasters, chocolate producers, and spice importers when they can.

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